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What is a Credit Union?
St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, owned, controlled and operated for the benefit of its members.  Since there are no outside stockholders to satisfy, the credit union can return a greater percentage of its income to you, the member-owner, in the form of higher interest rates on deposits, and lower interest rates on loans.

Who Can Join?
Chartered in 1933, St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union is proud to serve firefighters, retired firefighters, family members, various select employee groups and parishes, and those working or residing in zip codes 63102, 63103, 63106, 63109, 63116, 63123 and 63139, and those associated with the St. Louis Fire Department.

Family Membership
St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union encourages family members to join.  The benefits of a credit union membership aren't limited just to you.  The credit union is a wonderful place for your children to learn about savings, your brother or sister to get a low-cost loan, or your parent to build their retirement nest egg.

How Can I Join?
To become a member of St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union, all that is needed is a deposit of at least $5.00 into a share account.  This initial deposit establishes your membership/ownership in the credit union.

Once a member, Always a Member
Once you are a member of the credit union, you remain a member for life-whether you move, change jobs or retire-as long as you maintain at least a $5.00 balance in your share account.

Financial Security
Every dollar you invest in St. Louis Firefighters & Community Credit Union (up to $250,000.00) is fully insured by the National Credit union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government.  You can rest assured that there is no safer place for your hard-earned funds than a federally insured credit union.

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